soji hats

as if common wasn’t already on fire in 2007.. earlier this year, he launched his own designer hat line. now, anyone that knows me, knows that i love two things: newsboys, and common. so needless to say when i heard about this, i lost my shit. partnering with italian designer line lacoppola storta, common has created a line of high end, hand made hats that will give you automatic game. i’ll be picking up one or two of these myself before the years out. get on your hustle, because after all:

a hat is another way to put on a crown.
– common

official soji website.

– panda


  1. Jared

    Will I be able to buy these hats at the GAP?

    …I just figured, ‘cuz you know, the GAP ads and everything.

    3 cheers for Integrity,

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