charles hamilton, you fucked up (2009)

for starters: this is only the opinion of grizzly/roshan.

so it’s june 23rd, and it’s safe to say that charles hamilton isn’t dropping this perfect life today. it was supposed to drop digitally on the 16th, but to no avail. the fanbase he has left has been waiting (just check his blog) and have doubted and doubted.

in all honesty, i really wanted charles to drop some ridiculous album that pretty much lays his discography to waste, so as to shut everyone up. but the fact that it hasn’t dropped yet is a pretty good indication that it might not have been up to the standards that his fans put up. not to mention, the dude has dropped off the face of the fucking internet.

so as of now, charles hamilton’s career is basically in the ground. by not releasing the album, he’s agreed to give every hater he’s ever had a reason to hate, especially after he’s had to tuck his balls so far up after this j dilla debacle. lastly, it’s probably not a good idea to disappoint your deteriorating fanbase by not following through on a promise.

you’ve released at least five mixtapes when nobody was even asking for one. if there ever was a time you needed to release something worthwhile, it was now.

edit: he still has 3.5 hours of june 23rd left (west coast). and yes, by all means, if he releases TPL and it’s incredible, this post is coming down.



  1. weworemasks

    i agree with a lot of the points you made. if there ever was a time for him to drop something for his fans, now is the time. also agreed that he’s giving people more ammo by laying low.

    personally, i think this perfect life will be everything it should be, and more. i’ve always had that feeling about this album, which is why i’ve been so quick to defend him (which obviously hasn’t always been an easy task, and is borderline at this point unless you speak only about his music (what a shame that it can’t just be about the music)).

    more than anything, i hope dude is okay on a mental tip. he’s obviously been through a lot of shit and made some mistakes, but this last one was quite possibly his most blatant (and it was made even more sour considering he had good intentions to begin with). hopefully he’s learning a lesson, growing as a person and artist, and getting ready to come back with and drop an album that has potential to be something real.

    – /panda rant

  2. youallthinkyourenormal

    i guarantee that every single person giving him shit for not dropping the album is a fuckface who has never recorded a damn thing in his/her life. creativity isn’t based off of a damn timetable. so go fuck off and put your faith in a clock so your lazy fuck ass doesn’t get let down.

    i’m not really mad at all. been sick these last couple days but it does piss me off a little. i just drop fuck bombs in the comments section because im bad like that.

    gabe “the literary michael bay of comment sections” gross

  3. weworemasks

    tough break for him, but the dude’s a fucking headcase. needs to get his shit together asap.

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