brand new – at the bottom [HQ added] (2009)

here’s the first of what’s to be many, many posts on the promo run to brand new’s ridiculously anticipated album, daisy. the first single hit the radio a couple of hours ago and radio rips have begun to hit the webs shortly thereafter.

i’ve only listened to it once, and while i like the song a good amount, it doesn’t hold up to anything on the devil and god. looking forward to hearing a lot more about this album in the near future. i’ll repost this when the official single leaks. what does everyone think?

daisy is in stores september 22.


brand new – at the bottom (radio rip)

EDIT: HIGHER QUALITY – brand new – at the bottom


  1. Parker

    I think “Archers” was the first single off The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, and if you ask me, it was one of the weaker tracks on the album. Poppy as hell, but I loved everything else on the record a lot more.

    Lets hope this is the same case here.

  2. jon.doe

    I thought the song was going to be different based on the clip. It’s a good song. Just not what I expected.

  3. Strangers Sonata

    Parker: Jesus was the first record off of Devil and God. Archers was never a single – only Jesus and Sowing Season.

    Daisy is one of my most anticipated records.

    I think it’s an awesome track. A lot of TDAG rubs off on it.

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