tv recap: the wire season 5 (2008)

so i’ve finally finished the entire series of the wire, and i couldn’t have more to say about it. to start, this is by far the most intriguing, important and incredible (yeah!) series that i’ve ever watched. i tend to be a complainer. close friends of mine always tend to whine and pick at me for being whiny and picky about the shows that i like [most recently: weeds. god damn, season five is a joke.] but i’ve yet to complain about and will probably never complain about this show or the decisions the writers made.

anyway, since this was the last season and i’m getting sunbear into this series as we speak, i’ll leave the rest of the recap to be read after the jump. there will be spoilers, so don’t read it if you don’t want.


in all fairness, it was nearly impossible to follow-up season four. especially because they had to write-up a completely different social issue and didn’t carry over the school system plot (which i think they could’ve pulled off). season five dealt with the politics and slow death of b-more’s leading newspaper, the sun. after a freakishly accurate newsroom set was depicted, i knew that the season would deliver. i’ve spent the last few years of my life in newsroom working with editors, so it was very easy for me to relate and see the exploits of such an environment.

instead of paragraphs, here are some notes:

-omar’s death was probably the biggest fuck up in this show’s history. i do understand why it happened the way it did, but a child? there’s no way i’m gonna be ok with the fact that the city’s most feared stick-up man was killed by some insignificant drug runner who was no older than 12 years old.
-seeing templeton win a pulitzer was annoying. he’s just one of the biggest snakes and it really gets me riled up to see a guy like him prosper.
-dukie’s fate was one of the most depressing turn of events in this show. it was heartbreaking to see a kid with all that potential turn into a drug user.
-perfect lead-in to bubbles. he’s always been the backbone of this show and to see his story come around full circle was satisfying.
-mcnulty became real grimey and did some horrible things this season. hilarity ensued.
-snoop’s death scene gave me chills.
-marlo’s last scene of the show was one of the most triumphant moments for an evil force i’ve ever seen on anything. his crew was almost as enjoyable as the barksdale crew; a very worthy replacement.
-there’s a lot more, but i’ll spare you.

i had no doubts that the show would be able to wrap it up nicely and send off the series in the best possible way, and i wasn’t proven wrong. i couldn’t recommend this show enough. do whatever you can in your power to be a part of this great series, because it’s better late than never.

also worth reading is this little piece the smoking section did. if rappers were characters from the wire. it’s dead on.

that’s all. go watch this show.


  1. sherby57

    Season 5 had a lot to live up to – how do you end the greatest TV show of all time? I think they probably did as good a good as they could do; they wrapped up all the story lines, but gave no neat endings or easy answers.

    I thought Omar’s death was the only way for him to go – it just showed how meaningless life can be on the street.

    My own thoughts on the series as a whole are here:

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