charles hamilton – this perfect life [unreleased] (2009)

like others have said, if this is an issue, we’ll take it down. but it’s out there, so..

here it is. the album we never thought we’d hear. i’m done with my first listen, and honestly.. listen to this album and then come talk to me. his release from interscope was pre-dilla scandal, so i’m off that. personally, his music is just too good for me not to make a point for (SEE: KANYE WEST). keep hating if you want to, but i think it’s pretty fucking hard to hear songs like “post lynching ceremony” and “reminder” (which was to be cut from the album, but shows up here) and still talk shit. like we say when mr. west crashes a stage.. talent is talent. and like i’ve said before.. it is about the music, isn’t it?

supposedly he’s working on new music, so i doubt we’ve heard the last of mr. hamilton.

charles hamilton on myspace.

download this perfect life:

– panda


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