weworemasks.com interview: p.o.s. (december 13, 2009)

all photos courtesy of thepostsdmusic on flickr.

i know this is a little outdated, but with all the year-end lists, vacations, families and all that other stuff, i decided to put this interview off. this isn’t the first time we interviewed the doomtree leader, and it most definitely won’t be the last. p.o.s. spent the greater part of the end of 09 touring with the likes of saosin, innerpartysystem and eye alaska on the pac sun tour. oddly enough, i personally enjoy all the bands in completely different lights so that tour was a must-attend.

stef is always friendly with us and we got the chance to run down a few things at the show with him. he discussed everything from what you can expect from doomtree in 2010 to giving a certain celebrity a love note at the mtv woodies to being posted about on kanye’s blog. hit the jump for the goods.


all photos courtesy of thepostsdmusic on flickr.

A.J. Gutierrez, weworemasks.com: Alright, so Stef, how’s the tour been for you? You’re the obvious sore thumb on the Pac Sun tour, so how’s the reception been?

Stefon Alexander, P.O.S.: It’s been pretty good. We’ve had enough people who’ve come to the shows, who know me and know the words and are down to flip out. It actually hasn’t been that awkward so it’s definitely working out.

AJG, WWM: Yeah, man. You really got em’ going tonight.

SA: It’s been — I’d say about 80% awesome shows. The shows that weren’t awesome were still pretty good. No battles on this trip!

Roshan Bhatt, WWM: I mean, maybe it’s just me, but when you take a crowd like this into consideration, a lot of them haven’t been exposed to any real hip-hop shows. You kind of have to step up for the genre on this tour, so how’s it been for you with that “responsibility,” so to speak.

SA: Honestly, I try not to think about it that way. It’s harder. I just want people to come check out and enjoy my stuff. I just want to do what I do as good as I possibly can, and make everyone in the crowd comfortable enough to enjoy and flip out if they want or need to.

AJG, WWM: So Doomtree just came out with False Hopes XV, the release crept up and it kinda came outta nowhere.

SA: Well we always like to put out something for the blogs and stuff. This is the 5th anniversary of the Doomtree Blowout so we just wanted to put out a little EP with everyone on the crew on it. Just something to tide people over and get ’em stoked for what’ll come out next year. This release isn’t too crazy. If you’ve never heard a Doomtree release, it’s definitely a good place to start. We got snippets from the EP up on doomtree.net if you wanna check that out.

AJG, WWM: What all is planned for Doomtree in 2010?

SA: Well, Dessa has a record coming out in January, it’s called A Badly Broken Code. Sims has a new album coming out next year. Lazerbeak has a solo record coming out next year, as do I. We’ve all stayed workin’. Mictlan, he just had a baby, so he’s probably not gonna have a record out next year. [Laughs]

RB, WWM: Yeah, we’ve been specifically excited for Dessa’s new album. It’s been a long time coming. Is there anything you can tell us about the album?

SA: [Laughs] I mean I can…but I will say that it’s really good! I’ve been listening to the progress of it for the entire duration of the recording process, so I’m really excited about it.

RB, WWM: Did you get to work on or produce anything for it?

SA: Yeah, I made a beat, but it got cut. [Laughs]

RB, WWM: Aw, really?

SA: I mean it’s got a really specific flow and tone to it and mine just didn’t fit the bill. I was in the middle of making shit for Never Better, so I kinda didn’t hit that ‘feel’ of her album. One of these days, she won’t be working when I’m not working and we’ll be able to collaborate better, but not this time around. I had a fair share of input on the harmonies and melodies and things of that nature, but no production.

RB, WWM: I’m gonna try to not let this come off the wrong way.

SA: [Laughs] Sure.

RB, WWM: I mean, Doomtree works nearly exclusively with Lazerbeak and you behind the boards. Have you guys thought about or come close to working with producers outside of Doomtree?

SA: Oh, yeah! I would want to work with anybody that’s good. It’s just a matter of money, really. I wouldn’t pay 50k for a Timbaland beat when Lazerbeak makes amazing beats, too. But if the opportunity ever arises, I’d be down to do it.

RB, WWM: Who are some of your favorite producers?

SA: I’d work with Just Blaze, Timbaland. I’d work with the Neptunes. Shit, if the beats hot, I’ll rap on it. Just don’t wanna pay for names when I can try to do it myself.

RB, WWM: Speaking of names, last time we talked was outside of the Kanye West show at SXSW.

SA: Yeah! The Fader thing.

RB, WWM: Did you catch his blog post about the “Never Better” video? It wasn’t even ghostblogged!

SA: I did, actually. That was really cool. A friend of mine who I went to high school with does a lot of engineering work for ‘Ye, confirmed that he did post that himself, which is beyond cool. I got really excited, but I didn’t flip out, thinking to myself, “Shit, I gotta call Kanye.” It was just very dope that somebody at that level to notice what I’m doing. It would be cool to work with him, I’m just not gonna spend big money on it.

RB, WWM: What’s the plan for P.O.S. as far as material goes in 2010?

SA: A new record. [Laughs] I just started writing for it and mappin’ out beats but I haven’t gotten far enough to really get a grasp on or start talkin’ about it yet.

all photos courtesy of thepostsdmusic on flickr.

RB, WWM: Going back to the Blowout. Were you planning on putting out another DVD for this particular Blowout?

SA: Ah, man. Don’t think we’re gonna be putting out a DVD this year. We’ve just been really busy lately.

RB, WWM: Makes sense. Main reason I asked would be because the last one didn’t really have Never Better material on it. It would be dope to get some footage of that.

SA: Yeah, and we’ve had more stuff as a whole since then too. I think I’ll put out a DVD of my own at some point. It’s just hectic, you know? We all love doing this, so anything new you’ve come to expect, you’ll probably get it.

AJG, WWM: You did Warped this year. And innerparty and Saosin were on that as well. How is it being back on tour with these guys again?

SA: Innerpartysystem is great, man.

AJG, WWM: You even told us you loved their sets when we talked to you at Warped.

SA: Man, I love em. They’re one of my favorite bands. Innerpartysystem and I are actually splitting a van for this tour. That was definitely one of the main reasons I wanted to do this tour, too.

WWM: Wait, a van?!

SA: Yeah, we’ve just been getting hotels every night. I only have a bus on Warped Tour cause it’s too hot and you don’t really have a place to go. If you don’t have a bus, you’re gonna die. I don’t really like touring in buses anyway. You get to drive in the daytime and buses mainly drive at night.

AJG, WWM: You also just did the [MTV] Woodies. It looked loose as hell, man.

SA: [Laughs] It was indeed loose as hell. It was really fun. It was cool to be in the same room as all the rap stars and I gave Mary Louise Parker a love note.

WWM [collectively]: Ohhhhhhhhhh shit!

SA: Yeah, dude I couldn’t believe it either. She was sitting right in front of me. If you watch the performance, there was that track you could walk down.

AJG, WWM: Yeah, when you were slidin’ the high fives.

SA: On one side it was them and one side was the crowd. When I was in rehearsal, I saw her picture sitting there…

[Incessant laughter]

RB, WWM: Wow.

SA: I know, right? I thought about giving it to her while I was performing, but she wasn’t out of wardrobe yet so I had to give it to her later.

RB, WWM: Aw, man.

SA: I wasn’t trying to hook up with her or anything. I mean, I’m a realistic person. She’s gorgeous, and way too famous to hook up with a rapper from Minnesota. I didn’t even put any contact information, I just said [sing-song voice] “I love you!”

RB, WWM: [Laughs] Like high school.

SA: It’s most definitely like high school.

[Our friend Chaz sat in on the interview, so we let him say his piece]

Chaz: Stef, keep doing what you’re doing. The midwest has gotten so big in the last few years. It just keeps growing.

SA: Yeah, man. There are no major labels there. It’s all about doin’ it because you love doin’ it. If it works out, then it works out. That’s what we all built for so long, for the past 10-15 years.

RB, WWM: That’s a wrap, man. Thanks a lot for talking to us again. It’s always a pleasure.

SA: Anytime.

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