weworemasks.com interview: steel train (february 27, 2010)

here it is, folks. our first video interview here at weworemasks. i’m no video editor, so please bare with the choppiness of it. we promise to make our future videos much more concise and sexy. many thanks to the steel train crew for being such good sports about our amateur voyeurism (yeah, i went there) and even more thanks to sunbear for being a trooper and standing in front of a camera for fifteen minutes. also, thanks to myself for pretending to have the patience to sit here and edit this video using cheap software.

steel train is currently on a nationwide tour with everyone’s favorite canadian twin sisters, tegan and sara. they’re more than likely playing to over 1,000 people a night, which is mighty impressive considering this band was opening for finch and from autumn to ashes a mere six years ago. in the interview, the band discusses everything from singing the praises of their current tourmates to sxsw to talking about their upcoming record which will undoubtedly turn heads.

what do you guys think of the video? good? shitty? leave your feedback in the comments.

-grizzly c/o sunbear.


  1. weworemasks

    low budget? we have a $0 budget and it was a stock room. so yes, i’d say it’s low budget, haha.

  2. BJ

    Fuck that tripod shit. Stick with this Bourne Ultimatum cinematography. And have Sunbear throw some special-forces MMA moves in there at the end.

  3. David

    Good work guys. Ya’ll deserve lots of props for all the high level shit you get done with no budget. Keep it up!

    Anyways, Steel Train is definitely a group to watch. If “Turnpike Ghost” is any indication of their new record’s potential, it should be awesome.

  4. weworemasks

    josh – buy us a tripod. i’ll write your name on it with a special body part.
    bj – needs moar katana guitars and a mr. miyagi ‘stache.
    david – thanks man – i know you’ve been with us for a minute now, you da you da best.


  5. allie

    love those guys, and really good interview. yeah it’s low budget but so what…really good interview questions! cant wait for their third album

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  7. Krystle

    Do you honestly need a budget to conduct a good interview? This video says, “No, you don’t.” great job, guys!

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