weworemasks presents: the music of how i met your mother volume 3 (2010)

with season 6 (i know, right?!) of how i met your mother premiering this monday, september 20th, i’m sure many of the fans of the show have been catching up on their dvds/dvrs. with promises from the creators to return to the ’emotion and romance’ we’ve grown to love from season’s past, it looks to be a vast improvement with the clustercuss of season 5.

as aj and i did volume 1+2 last year, it wouldn’t be right to start a new season without putting together the third installment of the music of how i met your mother. since our last two volumes (which have been recently re-uploaded) took us through the first three seasons, volume 3 picks up right where it left off and catches up to the most recent episode. this installment features a bunch of great songs, ranging from the more trendier likes of vampire weekend and grizzly bear to classics like the five stairsteps and the beach boys. there’s something for everyone here, as i’ve also managed to find many of the show’s novelty tracks, including “nothing suits me like a suit” and “you just got slapped.” enjoy, and tune in monday.




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