the NBA conference finals (2011)

After a tough series with the Grizzlies, the Thunder escape and make it to the conference finals to face the Mavericks. This Mavericks team that swept the Lakers has had many days off, so it should shape up to be an interesting series. The Heat got over the hump, and even after an over the top celebration, beat the Celtics and are going to move on to face the MVP-led Chicago Bulls.



[1] Chicago Bulls vs [2] Miami Heat

Chicago Bulls


Miami Heat










Guards: Push. It will come down to who can guard Derrick Rose. You can put Wade on him, who took on the task of guarding Ray Allen last series, but Rose is a whole new monster. Guarding him will take out a lot of energy from Wade that the Heat can use on offense. Chalmers could be a key player, if he can keep up with the MVP.

Forwards: Heat. I give a slight advantage to the Heat because of Lebron James. If he plays with the passion he showed against Boston, no body can guard or stop him. The advantage for the Bulls will be Boozer vs Bosh. Bosh will have to play big, and definitely show up.

Centers: Push. This will be the most un-interesting aspect of this game. This is all that I will write on the centers for both teams.

Overall: Push. Bulls will have to use home court advantage in order to beat the Heat. They swept them in the season series, but this is the playoffs. Everything that happened in the regular season has no significance.

Prediction: Heat in 7. The Heat’s “2 and a half men” will prove to be a little too much for the Bulls. They will let Rose go off, but keep everyone else in check.

[3] Dallas Mavericks vs [4] Oklahoma City Thunder

Dallas Mavericks


Oklahoma City Thunder










Guards: Push. Jason Kidd is a seasoned veteran, but Dallas’ key will be the play of Jason Terry. If he stays hot, this Mavericks team is going to be hard to beat. Russell Westbrook will have to learn to distribute the ball better so that he is not taking so many shots.

Forwards: Mavericks. Slight advantage, only because Dirk is playing lights out. Like I said before, if Westbrook shares to the real star of the Thunder, Kevin Durant, Durant can be just as lethal on the offensive end.

Centers: Push. Tyson Chandler is going to have to continue to play big. It helps having another 7 footer on the team that is versatile like Dirk. If Ibaka can stay healthy, the Thunder can win the inside battle, especially with the experience that Perkins shows.

Overall: Mavericks. They played lights out against the Lakers. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up the shooting, because the Thunder aren’t going to mess around anymore.

Prediction: Thunder in 7. I think Dallas’ shooting will dwindle and the Durantula will have big games coming up. Oklahoma City won’t lose at home, nor should they.



  1. mr nastytime

    How can you disregard Noah on the centers, he is the second most important player to that team and gives them a tremendous amount of energy. He’s actually one of my least favorite players on that team (that hair is disgusting) but you can’t discount what 5 offensive rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks a game does for your team. Stick to the music reviews bro

  2. weworemasks

    if you read the entire thing, you’d know that i didn’t do the analysis’ for these games. also, the bulls wouldn’t be the bulls without luol deng and the bench. they would still be the bulls without joakim noah. second most important player? hardly. but to each his own…bro.


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