weworemasks.com interview: moving mountains (2011)

photo credit: veronica lourdes luna.

The main band I was bummed to miss at Warped Tour was Moving Mountains, especially considering that they don’t come around Houston, TX too often. My homie Nathan Eguia was on hand in my place to interview Greg Dunn about life after releasing an album on a record label and typical Warped Tour hijinks.

Not too lengthy either! Waves is in stores now, and all of you should buy it.


photo credit: veronica lourdes luna.

Nathan Eguia, weworemasks.com correspondent: For the record, name and position in Moving Mountains.

Gregory Dunn, Moving Mountains: My name is Greg Dunn, I play guitar and sing lead vocals for Moving Mountains.

WWM: This is your first time on the entire tour – what are you most excited about and how has the experience been so far, just two days in?

MOVMOU: It’s been crazy, dude. It’s not that we’re unprepared, but we’re probably not as prepared as we should’ve been. Just in the last two days, we’ve been fuckin’ killed.

WWM: Like with the scheduling, equipment moving and what not?

MOVMOU: Yeah, everything’s kinda crazy. Like you said, it’s the first time we’re doing the tour – ever. Not even just the whole thing!

WWM: Very good! Your new album Waves just dropped in May. How has the fan response been thus far?

MOVMOU: It’s been awesome. At first we weren’t sure, because it wasn’t really catering to “our” audience, but we kind of wanted to reach out to these people who hadn’t heard us [prior, with Foreword and Pneuma] before.

WWM: Furthermore, what are your most recent feelings towards the album? – in the sense that you have the opportunity to go out and showcase new songs, etc.

MOVMOU: With touring on this record, we’ve gotten a better vibe from our fans. Just when we were touring before and playing our 10 minute songs – it was hard. But from playing constantly, we became a better live band, and these songs really highlight that.

photo credit: veronica lourdes luna.

WWM: Which leads me to my next question: With Waves, it’s obvious that the record is more scaled back and almost a ‘bare bones’ approach at the Moving Mountains of Pneuma and Foreword, even though it is still very similar. How did this progression come about? Was it just the want of a more live approach?

MOVMOU: With Pneuma, that was a straight studio record. We barely touch it live – so we just wanted to make a record that sounds awesome. Foreword was the first time we had wrote music and recorded in a studio together, but we still hadn’t toured much. With Waves, it was a direct correlation to our band becoming who we were. We were a four-piece, and wanted to be a live, touring band. That was how we approached it.

WWM: Signing to Triple Crown Records seems to have broadened your fanbase quickly. How has the entire experience of being on a label been thus far?

MOVMOU: Dude it’s helped so much! We’ve been looking for a label since back in 2009, and just looking for a new place. Triple Crown Records was perfect for us. They kind of came in at the last minute and the guys that run the label are just awesome and incredible. I mean with the internet, we talked to a lot of labels and it just wasn’t very personal. Triple Crown ate dinner with us and chatted about what we wanted to do.

WWM: So you had that whole ‘family’ vibe going?

MOVMOU: Definitely! It was like “Let’s go eat sushi and talk about what you guys want to do!”

photo credit: veronica lourdes luna.

WWM: What are some of your immediate plans for the record, as far as tours, promotion (music videos, etc) are concerned?

MOVMOU: For the new record cycle, we are actually working on a music video for our song, “The Cascade,” and we’re all really, really excited about that. It should be finished in a couple of months. And we just want to tour as much as possible. We have a tour coming up in the fall that we’re extremely excited about, but I can’t really talk about, you know?

WWM: I totally get that [Laughs]

MOVMOU: We’d love to go international with touring too. We’ve been planning to go to Australia.

WWM: Soundwave in February!

MOVMOU: Yeah, we’ve been talking to them actually. We really want to go to Europe as well.

WWM: Back to the Warped Tour, who are you looking forward to seeing on the tour?

MOVMOU: I’m a huge Against Me! fan. I was really excited to find out they were on the entire Warped Tour with us. Bad Rabbits are really awesome, too. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some Lucero, The Dangerous Summer and Hellogoodbye as well. And I really like August Burns Red too.

WWM: Awesome man. Well, that’s pretty much it. I wanted to thank you for your time, and have a great rest of the tour. Hopefully we see you in the fall.

MOVMOU: By the way, we’ve talked to weworemasks before, but was it someone else?

WWM: That was probably Roshan, he couldn’t be here today so I’m serving as the weworemasks ambassador.

MOVMOU: Yeah! That was him. Tell him I said what’s up.

WWM: Will do, man. Take care!

Note: Thanks again to Nathan Eguia for doin’ this for me!

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