weworemasks presents: the 2011 reader’s poll [year-end lists] (2011)

Every year, we usually let a handful of people have their $.02 to post their Top 10 lists of any given variety. And while it’s fun for me to read, it’s not exactly the most fun sitting here and editing 30 Top 10 lists for TV shows, albums, etc. That’s not including the HTML work. So this year, I took a page from the Pitchfork book of year-end lists to come up with a userpoll system. I had a group of 50 people (roughly) surveyed, and about 42 got back to me. These people are various folks in my friend circle, music industry or folks I’ve come across through networking (WWM and AP.net), so on and so forth. That being said, I feel like a lot of these folks allow WWM to influence their choices or something, because I like most of em!

Anyway, hit the jump for the poll, which includes:

  • Top 20 Albums
  • Top 10 TV Shows
  • Top 10 TV Characters (Drama & Comedy)
  • Top 5 Sports Teams
  • Top 10 Movies
  • Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies for 2012
  • Best Artist & New Artist
  • Most Overrated Artist, Album, TV Show & Movie

So hit the jump for those good times.

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20. La Dispute – Wildlife
19. Beyonce – 4
18. The Wonder Years – Suburbia: I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing
17. Glassjaw – Colouring Book
16. Thrice – Major/Minor
15. Saves the Day – Daybreak
14. Bon Iver – Bon Iver
13. Blink-182 – Neighborhoods
12. Big Sean – Finally Famous
11. The-Dream – 1977
10. The Horrible Crowes – Elsie
9. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes
8. letlive. – Fake History
7. Alkaline Trio – Damnesia
6. Drake – Take Care
5. J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story
4. The Weeknd – House of Balloons
3. Kendrick Lamar – Section. 80
2. Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch the Throne

1. Childish Gambino – Camp

– You know, I was hoping to avoid seeing a lot of the hip-hop albums I liked this year from reaching the top 10, but I guess the variety of people I asked ended up voting for em anyway.
– Gambino is definitely not AOTY material (in my not-so humble opinion), but I’m glad to see that so many of you who think so!
– Kendrick Lamar in the top 5 and letlive in the top 10? I love you guys.
Neighborhoods on this list, period? I hate you guys.

Honorable Mentions:

South Park
Gossip Girl
Boardwalk Empire


– It was a four-way tie. Seriously.

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
9. Game of Thrones
8. Dexter
7. Homeland
6. The League
5. The Walking Dead
4. How I Met Your Mother
3T. Community
3T. Modern Family
2. Breaking Bad

1. Parks & Recreation


– Mad about Breaking Bad not winning
– Not mad Parks & Rec won (in a commanding fashion)
– Didn’t have the hard to break the tie between Community & Modern Family. If I had my way, it’d be Community by a million miles.
– Really surprised to see Game of Thrones make the list and Boardwalk Empire only get to an HM

10T. Tio Salamanca (Breaking Bad)
10T. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)
9. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
8. Ari Gold (Entourage)
7. Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)
6. Walter White (Breaking Bad)
5. Tom Haverford (Parks & Recreation)
4. Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
3. Gus Fring (Breaking Bad)
2. Troy & Abed (Community)

1. Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation)


– Should’ve just made this a “Top 5 Breaking Bad Characters” and “Top 5 Parks & Rec Characters” list, huh?
– A lot of Troy votes, a lot of Abed votes, a lot of team Troy & Abed votes – and they still didn’t win!
– Ron Swanson won by 9 votes and the average margin of victory was 2-3 votes – like a boss.
– I loved the bunch of you who voted for Hector Salamanca. Tio told me to say hi, too.

Honorable Mentions:


10. Ides of March
9. Moneyball
8. 50/50
7. Horrible Bosses
6. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
5. Super 8
4. X-Men: First Class
3. Harry Potter
2. Bridesmaids

1. Drive


– Drive was my favorite movie of 2011. Close second is Super 8.
– Two Ryan Gosling flicks in the Top 10?
– I didn’t get to see Ides of March or Moneyball – guess I have some torrenting to do.

Honorable Mention:


5. Men in Black 3
4. Django Unchained
3. The Amazing Spiderman
2. The Avengers

1. The Dark Knight Rises


– The Dark Knight Rises won by 17 votes
– If TDKR isn’t your most anticipated – dead 2 me.
– No love for Pixar’s Brave?

Honorable Mention:

Miami Heat

5. Dallas Mavericks
4. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Houston Texans
2. LSU Tigers

1. Green Bay Packers


– Heat making HM – that’s sad. They’re #1 in my heart.
– If you’re acting like there’s a bias with the Texans here – you’re right. Many of the people I asked are in fact in Houston and its surrounding cities. No worries, the Cowboys didn’t make the list, so sleep easy.
– Packers definitely deserve the number one spot. Close runner-up is the St. Louis Cardinals, who had one of the most impressive postseasons in recent MLB History.

Most Overrated Album:

Lil WayneTha Carter IV
Runner Up: Lady Gaga – Born this Way


– Anything Odd Future, for me. I’ll take Wayne, though.

Most Overrated Artist:

Kanye West & Jay-Z
Runner Up: Lil Wayne


– Not surprising!

Most Overrated Movie:

The Hangover 2
Runner Up: Twilight: Breaking Dawn


– Agreed. I wasn’t huge on Bridesmaids, personally…

Most Overrated TV Show:

The Walking Dead
Runner Up: Dexter


– As far as the current seasons go, agreed. Throw New Girl in the mix too.

Best Artist:

Winner: Kanye West & Jay-Z
Runner-up: Childish Gambino

Best New Artist:

Winner: Kendrick Lamar
Runner-up: J. Cole


– Happy with any of these four
– Best Artist AND Most Overrated? Love it.

Hope you guys enjoyed filling out those questionnaires for me. This system seemed to work fairly well and was minimal work for me, so you’ll probably see it in this format next year too. Happy listing!

On deck: Top 50 “LOST” Songs, Top Memes of 2011 and our individual year-end lists


  1. weworemasks

    don’t worry, i stalked your site and took your top 10 albums!

    also, we’re counting the fake history reissue. IT SURE AS HELL IS MAKING MY TOP 5 THIS YEAR. /spoileralert


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