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mixtape: weworemasks x sxsw (2010)

alright ya’ll, we’re headed to austin tomorrow morning. be sure you holler at your three favorite bears if you happen to be in austin for the weekend (hit up the contact page for email/aim/etc), and if you need a haircut on sunday, i’ll be cutting hair to make up for the income i’m missing by leaving work to get drunk and see some music with my two favorite bears in austin. you could also consider it preemptive bail money.

in the meantime, expect the posts to be more sparse than usual. however, we will be very much so updating any of our followers on the wwm twitter, so be sure you’re following us @weworemasks. also expect the usual videos, stories, embarrassing/incriminating photos to surface upon our triumphant returns to our respective homes.

since grizzly is an unemployed piece of shit again, he has all the time in the world. so he’s been nice/bored enough to put together another mix of sxsw hopefuls and probables. enjoy the tape while we’re gone. tracklist and download after the cut.

we love you and want to touch you in places,

– panda c/o the bears

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we wore masks x sxsw 2009.

quick update from the fader fort on the last day of south by southwest. we’re posted up in our finest outfits, drinking soco and waiting for the G.O.O.D. music showcase, along with rick ross, jadakiss, and others. we got the low on some big surprises coming on tonight. expect a sxsw 2009 wrap up with a lot of good shit including exclusive interviews/photos/video/etc.

– panda, grizz, and the sun bear.