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listen: will butler (arcade fire) – take my side

arcade fire’s run through a hell of a career thus far, especially considering the success since the suburbs. so no need to get complacent, right? win’s brother, will, who plays god damn everything for arcade fire, has announced his solo outing, policy.

the album won’t be out until march of 2015, but we’re getting a brand new song this early anyway.


listen: arcade fire’s bootleg collection of live covers

you know how arcade fire has been covering damn near every song in existence on their reflektor tour. consequence of sound was nice enough to compile all the bootleg tracks into a nice, follow-able set collection on soundcloud, which you can listen to below.

28 songs, 2 hours.


watch: arcade fire – you already know

arcade fire turn down the theatrics and take a more streamlined approach to the music video, using “you already know” this time around. reflektor’s out now. and while you’re at it, hit youtube and find the covers they’ve been doing every night. they’re pretty amazing and i just don’t feel like posting em every day.


watch: arcade fire – back in time [huey lewis cover live in edmonton]

it’s not exacty “the power of love,” but huey lewis and the news’ “back in time,” from the back to the future film, or more specifically, when marty wakes up to the song playing on the radio in 1985, is arcade fire’s cover of choice when they hit up edmonton, birthplace of michael j. fox. watch the cover as it segues nicely into “here comes the night time” above.

– sunbear

watch: arcade fire – California Über Alles [dead kennedys cover live in santa barbara]

even though jello biafra and the rest of dead kennedys hail from san francisco, arcade fire used up the band’s classic “california über alles” for their localized cover tribute in santa barbara. check out some fan shot footage above.

– sunbear

watch: the best sets from coachella

weekend one of coachella is in the bag. outkast played their first reunion show, and it went off with only one minor hitch. okay, it was major — they basically ran out of time and had the set closing “the whole world” nixed. but other than that, good times. watch the ATLiens above, and some of our other favorites below the jump, including nas’ illmatic set, pharrell, HAIM, arcade fire and lorde.

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listen: arcade fire – heart of glass (blondie cover; live)

so the two of us happened to catch arcafe fire’s “homecoming” show last night at the woodlands pavilion, and they closed out their initial set (pre-encore, ya know) with a one-two punch of regine’s “sprawl II” and this neat cover of blondie’s “heart of glass.” thanks to some fans, we can get a glimpse of it all.

go catch the reflektor tour.