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album review: lupe fiasco – LASERS (2011)

So, after a long wait for fans and Lupe Fiascos alike, we finally have LASERS. There’s a lot of background to this release, some of which was touched on in the review. But for the most part, I’m happy for Lupe for a number of reasons, regardless of how good or bad this album would’ve been. There were a lot of bullshit moves on Atlantic Record’s part, and I really hope he either gets dropped (I’m sure he wants that) and gets to do whatever he wants from here on out, or Atlantic allows him to do whatever he wants with Food & Liquor II.

Either way, the review for LASERS is below the jump. And the album’s in stores. Go pick it up.

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video: lupe fiasco speaks out against atlantic records (2010)

lu, do us all a favor and stop crying about this. i feel your pain in atlantic’s inability to understand you as a mistreated artist and release lasers. it does suck. but after petitions, marches and speaking out during a keynote speech, you really think those dudes are just gonna friend it up and drop the record? at this point, it’s best if you have the record be “put into the wrong hands” and “leaked prematurely.” everyone’s gonna benefit off of it. and i mean it.

+ your entire fanbase will celebrate having it.
+ act out publicly and get pissed, that’ll go over well. you can set up a paypal fund on your website, enabling fans to donate money to “recoup” the losses of lasers.
+ also, go on another tour. every date on the steppin’ lasers tour was sold out and those were mid-sized ballrooms and small amphitheaters.
+ having the album out will get atlantic off your back about lasers becoming more ‘radio-friendly’ or whatever their beefs were, and you can start recording a follow-up.

after all, you are the one who signed your recording contract, and as far as the hip-hop community goes, you have very little creative freedom unless you’re lil wayne, kanye or eminem. do the right thing, lu. no amount of protesting or tantrums will put this record out. this whole FIASCO is detrimental to your fanbase and image.



mixtape: b.o.b. – …presents the features (2009)

the [two] dope boyz put together another solid b.o.b. compilation. in case you missed it, they dropped should have been the first album not too long ago, and it apparently lit the firecracker under atlantic’s ass to get the ball rollin’ on the adventures of b.o.b. definitely a good look. also, b.o.b. vs. bobby ray was by far one of my favorite mixtapes of the year, so i’m excited to see where he’s headed.

this is a dope little compilation of his features and songs of his that had some nice (or not so nice) features. hit the jump for the tracklisting.


b.o.b. presents the features [mixtape]

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b.o.b. – should have been the first album (2009)

2dopeboyz.com put together this sweet little [tagless] compilation album for those of you who haven’t familiarized yourself with b.o.b./bobby ray. i mean, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that all three of the bears couldn’t give this man more of a co-sign. anyway, this is a collection of some of his earlier music that you may not have heard/may have gotten lost or buried under his mixtapes, aptly titled should have been the first album.

atlantic records are pretty much retards for not putting more effort into one of the best new artists and easily the best of the xxl freshman (yeah, i said it.)

tracklisting’s after the jump.


note: download this while you can.


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