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weworemasks.com’s sxsw recap (2010)

sxsw is a lovely time of year where all of our friends from various cities in texas decide to congregate in austin for all of it’s lush atmosphere (think about it) and an endless lineup of flavor-of-the-year bands. all three bears, along with our videographer of the week josh, @klainep and grizzly’s main squeeze would become the wolfpack to scour the streets of austin in hopes of catching something memorable and damaging our livers.

this year, we’d spend a lot of time at rachael ray’s showcase (a first), walking (typical) and waiting in hopeless lines. we faced our share of challenges this year, but the bears prevailed and left austin alive with most of our parts in tact. as if this 3000 word recap isn’t enough for you all, then we will have full sets (yes, full!) of theophilus london, japandroids, fang island and local natives coming soon. stay tuned for those.

now grab a PBJ or PBR and enjoy the tales from beyond the bears.

-sunbear y grizzly

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he is legend – everyone i know has fangs/the primarily blues (2009)

it’s 12:30 am, have you:

a. drank beer?
b. dropkicked any puppies?
c. shamwow’d a hooker?
d. grown a beard?

well, after listening to either of these new he is legend songs off their aptly-titled upcoming album, it hates you, you’ll probably do all three. the first one, “everyone i know primarily has fangs,” is pretty much unlike any HIL song you might’ve heard. simply put, it’s weird as hell. huge chorus though, and that alone sells me.

the primarily blues is more along the lines of suck out the poison, an album that i love. i know a lot of people jumped ship after SOTP, but i was a huge fan regardless.

get your shamwows ready. get your preorder on.

p.s. do not really kick any puppies. follow the bands lead and cuddle with bunnies instead.

he is legend on myspace.


everyone i know has fangs.
the primarily blues.

-grizzly is legend