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Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who still watches music videos. It seems like the art of the music video’s definitely been lost in translation over the years, what – with shorter attention spans, less time on the go, whatever it may be. But whatever – I enjoy the videos and I’ll continue to use this post to curate some of 2014’s best visuals.

Below the jump, you’ll find an alphabetical list of some of my favorite music videos of the past year.

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listen: beyonce – flawless (remix; feat. nicki minaj)

well, yonce goes all out for this remix, referencing the now infamous elevator fight between her sister and her husband (and of course mentioning the networth of everyone on the elevator) among a lot of other bravado that most rappers these days can only talk about, not be about. rap needed some excitement, that’s for sure.



watch: beyonce & jay z – run (trailer)

well, what is this? everything here points to a feature film, but i’ll go ahead and spoil it for you. it’s coming: never according to the end. regardless, jay and bey put together a very awesome “trailer,” featuring the likes of sean penn, don cheadle, emmy rossum, jake gylly, blake lively and rashida jones.