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stream: lady gaga – marry the night [the weeknd remix] (2011)

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the born this way remix collection is on its way and will drop november 21st, and here we have the weeknd’s contribution. aka, the main thing i was looking forward to. and this song makes perfect sense with the weeknd, if you couldn’t tell.


video: lady gaga – you and i + edge of glory [live on kimmel] (2011)

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the usually extravagant gaga took it down a few notches for her appearance on kimmel, performing demure versions of her born this way smashes “you and i” and “edge of glory.” catch the latter after the jump as well as the in-studio interview. wondering what happened to her meat dress? wonder no more.

– sunbear
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video: andy samberg, justin timberlake, lady gaga – 3 way [the golden rule] (2011)

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amazing. anytime timberlake hooks up with the SNL crew, results are hilarious. throw a gaga who is actually having fun into the mix and you have a recipe for success. the latest SNL digital short finds us exploring the realm of “it’s not gay, when it’s in a 3-way.” i’ll let the trio handle the rest.

oh and gaga performed with crazy pregnant costumes and other weird shit like that. you can see that below the jump.

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video: lady gaga – born this way (2011)

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what is this i don’t even? 2011: a gaga space odyssey? this is the most nonsensical shit i’ve ever seen and i like most to all of gaga’s old videos. instead of writing about it, i’m gonna go ahead and list off a bunch of memes to describe the way i feel:

exhibit a
exhibit b
exhibit c (and most important)


lady gaga – born this way (2011)

so this underground artist totally had the innanet goin’ crazay this morning with this song. i (along with a lot of my friends) were huge fans of lady gaga’s the fame monster and had no problem admitting it, but this is just cheesy as hell. typical “love yourself” ballad we’ve come to expect from every fucking pop starlet this side of madonna. yawn.


lady gaga – born this way