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album review: kid cudi – the man on the moon: the end of day (2009)

kid cudi

when you’re leading the pack of hip hop’s next generation, your song remixed and bumped in clubs across the country for going on two years now and have high profile appearances on the albums of hip hop’s royalty (see jay-z and kanye west), ‘highly anticipated’ is an understatement in regards to your debut album.

such are the challenges and high expectations facing kid cudi, who virtually unknown when affiliating himself to the fools gold label, rose to prominence with but a single mixtape to his name. now signed to the infamous GOOD music, all eyes turn to cudi to not only make a name for himself with his unique approach to music, but also as the future of hip hop in its ever evolving form.

review after the jump.

– sunbear

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kid cudi – cudi zone [snippet] (2009)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.864300&w=425&h=350&fv=]

also, check out the above behind the scenes video of cudi’s recent shoot with URB magazine. they went back to all the places he worked at in nyc before getting signed.

we don’t typically post snippets, but this one is a good 2 minutes and dope as shit. get ’em.

download cudi zone (snippet).

– panda

kid cudi – man on the moon: end of day artwork (2009)

i\’m with it. especially for anyone associated with hip hop, where most covers are typically awful to god casino online real money awful. i can see it looking especially dope irl. hit the cut for the dvd deluxe version.

via cudi\’s blog.

– panda

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kid cudi – call me moon man (2009)

we spaced on posting this a couple of days ago, but better late than never. i’m really liking the vibe this album is taking, between this and mr. solo dolo. september 15th ya’ll.

kid cudi on myspace.

download call me moon man.

– panda