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my morning jacket – holding on to black metal (2011)

on the upcoming my morning jacket album circuital , the band make clear their love for metallurgy with the song “holding on to black metal.” just don’t expect any blast beats – this song’s a loose swingy jazz number. listen to it for the low cost of a facebook ‘like.’


my morning jacket – holding on to black metal

– sunbear

fun. – believe in me (2009)

so the wonderful gentleman of fun. decided to do a deal with fans where they would release a holiday song when they hit 40,000 fans on facebook. well, they’re sitting at 40,099 and i’m sitting with a new holiday song to share with you. be sure you add it to the top of your christmas playlists.

fun. on facebook.

download believe in me:

– panda

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jerome and i were bored in the wee hours of the night and came up with this great/retarded idea of creating a fan page. if anything, i expect requests from toast, alex and stranger’s sonata.

so login to your facebook and let’s be sexy and social network together.

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