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video: steve carrell’s farewell to the fans (2011)

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the office has been a staple in my ‘show repertoire’ for the past 6ish years. even though it’s had it’s fair share of ups and downs, i’ve remained loyal to the show and its ever-changing set of writers through the horrors of many episodes in seasons 4-7. when carrell announced he was leaving and the writers showed no signs of calling it quits, i was immediately taken aback at how stupid of a decision that was. regardless, it’s still sad to see him go, and i’ll continue to watch. for now, catch this cute farewell clip of michael scott saying bye to his fans through the lens of angela’s flipcam.

for the record, i haven’t seen scott’s final episode yet (dvr’d in lieu of the draft and nba playoffs) so i’ll get to watching this later.

edit: hit the jump for my thoughts. kinda spoilerish about the season, but whatever.

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video: lcd soundsystem – farewell show at madison square garden (2011)

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“when i was 30 i promised myself that i’d be out by 40 and i’m 40 now. any more than this and i’d start feeling like a professional” – james murphy

edit: someone put the video pf the entire behemoth of an event on youtube. enjoy.

– sunbear