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news: fucked up announce new album and share new single

fucked up were probably my favorite act at all of sxsw. sure, it’s a gimme, considering what a fan i am, but in the shadow of the recent deaths and injuries at the mohawk last wednesday night, the band were able to shed some positive light on the preciousness of life and perform the an emotional and thrash-heavy set at the french legation.

now they’re releasing glass boys on june 3rd and with it, this chugging new single called “paper the house.” listen to it here.

- sunbear

watch: fucked up – tribute concert for the last pogo

in loving tribute to all of toronto’s first-wave punk bands that played the horseshoe tavern, which just celebrated its 35th anniversary, fucked up performed an all-covers set of songs by the secrets, cardboard brains, teenage heads, and the ugly. watch all the fucked-uppity covers, collected on the last pogo jumps again documentary, after the jump.

- sunbear
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watch: fucked up – year of the dragon [live at le poisson rouge]

though they’re almost done with their follow-up to the epic david comes to life, fucked up debuted their 15-minute “year of the dragon” from their series of zodiac singles at le poisson rouge over the weekend. watch the fan footage of the chaos (though damian stays clothed, so i wouldn’t call it that chaotic) above.

- sunbear

video: fucked up – inside a frame (2012)

you know you can do more than just slam dance to the sounds of candian hardcore punk of fucked up? oh, you didn’t? watch a dance crew step up to the david comes to life track “inside a frame” with some poppy choreography and um, tons of distracting cleavage.

editor’s note: the youtube comments for this clip are hilarious! who has time to dissect the song-and-dance of glee? angry fucked up fans, of course

- sunbear

interview: damian abraham talks to rolling stone (2012)

“We’re in a band called Fucked Up, I’m 300 pounds and I’m bald and I scream. I am not meant to be in a position to be traveling around the world having kids sing my music, yet I am”

the fucked up frontman sat down with rolling stone to talk about the band post-david comes to life, life on the road opening for the foo fighters, and selling out (he loves free shit, just like everyone else). check it out at the link below.


damian abraham talks to rolling stone

- sunbear

tour dates: fucked up (2012)

was it not that long ago that the future of fucked up was uncertain? well they're back, and damian abraham is ready to get loud and naked all across the country. hit the jump to check out fucked up's upcoming tour dates, culminating in their fun fun fun fest appearance. and yes, david comes to life is still awesome.

- sunbear
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fucked up – i hate summer (2011)

before they split for the bruise cruise, toronto hardcore elite fucked up parts way with a previously-unreleased track set for a release on a split with the dirtbombs. a return to the simpler “balls-out” fucked up, check out the gruff and tumble “i hate summer” below.


[vodpod id=Video.15759159&w=425&h=80&fv=]

- sunbear