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free album: dear and the headlights – demos (2011)

the criminally underrated gentleman of the late dear and the headlights have offered up a goodbye treat, putting up a collection of 30 demos recorded between 2005 and 2010. i wouldn’t necessarily use this collection as a jumping off point to the band if you’re a new listener (start with small steps, heavy hooves), but fans of the band (and great indie rock in general) will dig this.

download (via soundcloud):

dear and the headlights – demos.

– panda

video: the dismemberment plan – the city live on fallon (2011)

[vodpod id=Video.5399128&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

i remember buying emergency & i, the seminal album from DC’s the dismemberment plan when i had the good fortune of opening for them at a show when i was in high school. however many years later, the fine people at barsuk records have have reiussed the album. as part of the fare, the band dropped by late night with jimmy fallon for this fantastic performance of “the city”. good stuff people, good stuff.

– panda


free album: a common year – between cities (2010)

i don’t know where i found this album, but it’s 4am and i was browsing my itunes library and noticed a common year’s between cities. i’m glad i did, cause this is some really solid indie/rock. if you’re into the hot rod circuit/rock-music-to-drink-to (i’m looking at you aj) this is an album you’ll want to spin. the midwest boys have been gracious enough to put their debut album up for free download.

download between cities:

– panda

video: marques toliver – the wishing song (2010)

i introduced you to marques earlier this year, and now we get a brief (and depressing) music video from the creative genius. i need this man to stop putting on amazing live performances, collaborating with other musicians, and traveling so much and put out a formal release. asap.

– panda

hot hot heat – goddess on the prairie(2010)

the good music keeps rolling in. this time from the boys of hot hot heat and their signature brand of the rock. above is a behind the scenes look at the making of their new track, which is off their upcoming album. this definitely has the signature hot hot heat sound in tact, with a brand new level of sexy thrown in. get your dancing shoes on, future breeds drops june 8th.


hot hot heat – goddess on the prairie.

– panda

video: jamie lidell live on the interface (2010)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.943577&w=425&h=350&fv=%40videoPlayer%3D87006907001%26playerID%3D10032373001%26domain%3Dembed%26linkBaseURL%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.spinner.com%2Finterface%2Fjamie-lidell-2010]

alright mr. lidell, you’ve gone from modern soul king to filthy experimentalist hipster, but your new album is growing on me.

jamie lidell and the dirty hipster trio stop by the spinner.com studios and throw down a few songs from his new album, compass (which i’ve failed to post about because of initial impressions). also included is “multiply” (from his album of the same name), and a lengthy interview. if you haven’t had the chance to get into mr. lidell, don’t let my rant dissuade you. dude is amazing, i’m just not 100% sold on his new direction (thanks, beck). dude’s voice is pure gold though.

hit the cut for the rest of the videos.

– panda

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free ep: bear colony – i, the body (2009)

remember bear colony? well, it’s not what we call the cabin roshan, aj, and i share in the woods of east texas. it’s the arkansas based indie rockers (that includes chase pagan)that are part of the esperanza plantation/collective. the boys have been have been hard at work on their sophomore album and are presenting us with a 2-track ep fresh from their recording efforts. enjoy!

bear colony on myspace.

download i, the body:

– panda

video: passion pit – last.fm discover sessions live (2010)

michael angelakos, the mastermind behind passion pit, recently sat down for an intimiate/solo session with last.fm’s discover series. it’s nice knowing he has a voice beyond the usual wall of production/effects/synth madness. speaking of last.fm, we should probably add our last.fm usernames to our contact page so you creeps can stalk/love us even more.

oh yeah, the above clip is angelakos performing “sleepyhead”. hit the cut for “the reeling” and “seaweed song”.

– panda

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jonsi (of sigur ros) – go do (2010)

here’s our second look from jonsi’s upcoming debut solo album, go. as with “boy lilikoi”, you’re presented with a very familiar sound from jonsi, only with a greater sense of rhythm and ‘pop’ sensibility. so far, jonsi is batting 2 for 2. beautiful arrangements and swooping melodies are this man’s bread and butter. go will see the light of day march 22nd.

jonsi on myspace.


jonsi – go do.

– panda

spotlight: automata (2010)

alright ya’ll, new spotlight time. this time around, we’ve got an act of chicago that isn’t associated with kanye west in some way. automata are a fresh act that you should make yourself very familiar with, as they just self-released their debut EP, which we happen to have a link to. along with that, the band answered some questions and shot over an exclusive video.

now use your favorite website to discover your new favorite band.

– panda

rocky votolato – red river (2010)

ahh, sweet sweet sound that is rocky votolato, you have yet to write a song that is anything less than amazing. mr. votolato is back with a new album, true devotion, set for release on february 23rd on barsuk. the label was also kind enough to give away this shiny new track from the album. if you pre-order, you get entered to win a private show from rocky himself, you get to stream the entire album instantly, AND you get a bonus 7″ single. don’t miss out, the man is absolutely incredible live and the album is an easy “best of” contender.

pre-order true devotion.


rocky votolato – red river.

– panda

jarrod gorbel – daytrotter sessions (2010)

jarrod gorbel, the mastermind behind the honorary title, gets his daytrotter on. as he furthers his campaign into being a solo artist, i’m finding myself more and more pleased with his decision to leave the honorary title tag behind. hopefully now people beyond a certain scene can recognize him as the gifted singer/songwriter he is.


– panda