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listen: kevin devine and the goddamn band cover nirvana’s ‘nevermind’

kdev has never hid his love for nirvana, and the influences are always in the flesh when he performs with the goddamn band. well, in honor of kurt cobain’s death (21 years as of yesterday), kdev decided to shed light on a project he released a few years ago. this is the first time i’m hearing this, so i’m sharing it with yall.

Someone pointed out it’s 21 years since Kurt Cobain died, (obviously) effectively breaking up Nirvana.

People are people. We’re all flawed, mixed up, make bad choices – neither angels nor saints. This person obviously qualifies, and was a total stranger, to me. I process his life/death differently at 35 than I did at 14. They mean different things to me now than they did then.
That said, I still truly love their band, his songwriting, and consider finding them/him the most important cultural moment of my life, a point from which endless, infinite, unpredictable roads lead and keep leading.
A few years ago, in acknowledment of that, we covered ‘Nevermind’ – Michael Fadem & Christopher Bracco & I, in a basement, having fun. In acknowledgement of today, here it is again.

Enjoy and thanks to Nirvana/Kurt for a life in music.


watch: kevin devine – little bulldozer

kdev had a good amount of fun making this video i’m sure. in “little bulldozer,” kevin holds a special audition with plenty of eccentric personalities, ultimate climaxing into a pretty sweet little video.

his album(s), bulldozer and bubblegum, are out now.


show recap: manchester orchestra (april 21, 2014)

photo credit: weworemasks

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Manchester Orchestra perform. The last time being in 2009, when myself and a few of my friends packed into Walters on Washington like sardines and enjoyed one of the hottest shows I have ever been to. This time, things were a little less grimy in climate, but Kevin Devine, his god damn band, Balance and Composure and the the grungy guitars from Manchester Orchestra’s latest, COPE, still carried us through Monday night’s show at the House of Blues.

Hit the jump for the review.

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tour dates: manchester orchestra – US tour w/ kevin devine and balance and composure

well, i just found my most anticipated tour for the first quarter of 2014. manchester orchestra are releasing a new album, COPE, on april 21st. they released a new song yesterday, and now a free download.

preorders are up, too. hit the jump for the full tour routing, which includes two stellar opening acts and more importantly, a houston date.

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listen: kevin devine – bubblegum + bulldozer [full album stream]

after a successful kickstarter campaign, kevin devine’s two completely funded albums will be in stores and for sale come this tuesday, october 15th. but because he’s a nice guy, he’s got both albums streaming in full at his merch page. listen at the link below.


kevin devine – bubblegum + bulldozer [full album stream]


news: kevin devine announces two albums, release date, tour dates and a new song, “private first class”

huge day for kdev fans, folks. sit tight:

– kevin has announced two albums: bulldozer (LP7) and bubblegum (LP8). both albums will be out on october 15th.
bulldozer is a solo effort, bubblegum is one with the goddamn band. the latter was produced by none other than jesse lacey. the song “private first class” is from that album.
– if you’ll jog your memory, both of these albums are the product of a VERY successful kickstarter promotion.
– you can read all about the albums at AP.
– preorders for the album(s) will go live on august 5th.
– KD & THE GDB are heading out on tour with now, now. dates below the jump.


kevin devine and the god damn band – private first class

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news: kevin devine to start working on LP8 today

our beloved kevin devine

is moving along quite nicely after his successful kickstarter campaign, and today – he hit an interesting location to begin work on his 8th studio LP. the 8th one, as well all may know, is going to be a full band adventure with jesse lacey (brand new) producing. should be great, and both LPs will see a release this fall.


news: kevin devine and jesse lacey are demoing

crying already. kevin devine took to his instagram account to drop off this neat gem of two of our favorite sad guys in the studio together. the pair are in the studio together working on kevin’s LP8, which he said is a ‘goddamn band’ affiliated release, with lacey behind the boards.

lets just hope we get ourselves another “cotton crush” out of this.


video: kevin devine – cotton crush [live feat. jesse lacey] (2012)

while performing at his 10th anniversary concert series in NYC, he brought none other than jesse lacey out for a very live rendition of “cotton crush” on the split the country, split the street night. excellent performance of one of the “go-to” kdev tracks. and look at kevin in his suit! lookin’ good, sir.


news: kevin devine to reissue ‘split the country, split the street’ (2012)

living in the post-george dubbya world that we were living in during 2005, we found a bit of solace in tracks like ‘no time flat,’ didn’t we? well, triple crown records will be re-releasing the album with a few bonus tracks, a new layout, new liner notes and what have ya.

preorders are up here. the reissue drops on nov. 27th.


stream: bad books – forest whitaker (2012)

kevin devine and andy hull of manchester orchestra are back, with a second installment to their swt collaborative project in bad books. their new album, simply titled bad books II, w

ill be out october 9. andy premiered this in a barn last week, and now rolling stone has the exclusive stream on the album version.


bad books – forest whitaker



show recap: mewithoutyou/kevin devine (august 4, 2012)

photo credit: weworemasks

The WWM frontier on shows has been slow as of late, so we jumped at the opportunity to catch a good lineup in mewithoutYou, whose supporting their brand new record Ten Stories, and our forever-buddy in Kevin Devine. The two have crossed paths before in the past, what with all the Brand New touring and all.

Not to mention, Warehouse Live’s Studio provides an unmatched intimate show-going experience that seems few and far between these days. Hit the jump for the recap.

Oh, and please forgive the pictures. Spotlights everywhere and no photo pit.

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