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news: lady gaga releases ‘artpop’ cover, tracklisting

pop music is ready for lady gaga again, right? this is an album that gaga said can be played in a club front to back, which basically says “holy shit, this is gonna be like fame monster, probably.”

check her twitter for the play by play, or look at the whole thing below:

1. Aura
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y.
4. Sexxx Dreams
5. Jewels N’ Drugs feat. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista
7. Do What U Want” feat. R. Kelly
9. Swine
10. Donatella
11. Fashion!
12. Mary Jane Holland
13. Dope
14. Gypsy
15. Applause

artpop is out nov. 11th.


news: lady gaga to release applause single on august 19th

no, it’s not cirque du soleil — that’s just lady gaga’s album art for the ARTPOP single “applause” that is set to drop on august 19th with it’s maiden live performance being the following week on the mtv video music awards. so when you’re not watching the challenge: rivals II, catfish, or awkward, you have that to look forward to. i know i do…

ARTPOP is out on november 11th.

– sunbear

news: lady gaga will release artpop on november 11th

goddamn, finally. ms. gaga’s first two releases (inc. the fame monster) were two of the best pop releases of this generation. and while born this way was a bit lackluster in comparison, it still had its share of gems. hopefully she gets back in stride with artpop, her third official LP.

the album will come paired with an interactive app, providing for the audio/visual pairing we’ve been waiting for — or something like that. wake me up when the first single drops. until then, november 11th is the release date.


stream: kendrick lamar & lady gaga – bitch don’t kill my vibe (2012)

so, lady gaga took it upon herself to release “bitch don’t kill my vibe” — the gaga mix. i like it. but this song still isn’t called “party nauseous” and isn’t the collab we were once teased with – but this’ll do.


news: lady gaga explains the disappearance of the kendrick lamar collaboration (2012)

god bless ya, lady gaga. and props to holding up your end of pop music. the monster ball general took to her tumblr to explain why the kendrick lamar collaboration “partynauseous” was axed from kendrick’s upcoming lp. read it below:

I apologize to the fans that this situation with Partynausous is confusing. To it clear it up I must explain this. When I collaborate with an artist i work solely with them, not with their camps or management. Its purely organic and creative. I love Kendrick dearly as a friend, but was not willing to compromise musically to the changes his team was making to my music. This is why I am not his record. I have a very specific vision as a producer and songwriter, and I always have. That song will be released at a different time, for a different project. I love you, and think you should check out his stuff because he is truly great. He’s a good kid, its just sometimes a mad city. -LG”


video: kendrick lamar – radio run [pitchfork TV] (2012)

while out playing the pitchfork festival in chicago, IL, the folks behind the festival decided to hang out with the emcee and put together this neat little mini-documentary. it features his performance of “swimming pools (drank)” and follows him around. you even see lady gaga!

also, hit the jump to see lady gaga’s news about being on kendrick’s album.

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