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In case you missed it, Sunbear did a helluva job on this year’s Festival Recap, so be sure to give that a whirl before you engage yourself visually here. This year’s Summer Fest went off without a hitch, and the aforementioned Sunbear did a mighty fine job braving the beach balls (among other projectile items) and of course – the heat in the photo pits of Eleanor Tinsley Park. Off the billion some odd photos he grabbed, he put together a gallery for your viewing please. And here I am, the BEARer of good news. Hit the jump if you’d like to see the photos individually or just head here for the set.

We had a great time this year, and we’ll see all of you out there next summer.

-grizzly c/o sunbear
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And so it was that on Free Press Summer Fest’s glorious fifth year as Houston’s largest and most musically diverse music festival, with acts ranging from the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop and The Stooges to southern rap pioneers Geto Boys, sold the fuck out. That’s right. Everyone in Houston finally caught on to the little project started by Houston’s only locally owned alternative newspaper and came in fluorescent-clad, flower-headgeared, beer-swilling droves to show some love to the big name dudes who scarcely frequent our deep-in-the-south city, not to mention the local little guys and everything they’ve contributed to make Houston the live music capitol of Houston.

Hit the jump for the full festival recap below the jump. We’ll have a full photo gallery/slide show for you tomorrow.

– grizzly
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video: matt & kim – let’s go [live on fallon] (2012)

matt & kim brought their new song “let’s go” from their album lightining (out today) to late night with jimmy fallon last night, promting roots-man ?uestlove to tweet “kimis the happiest drummer alive!” you bet your ass she is. watch the performance above.

– sunbear

video: matt & kim + soulja boy + andrew w.k. – i’m a goner (2011)

sometimes, you just can’t let death bring you down. for the new converse collaboration “i’m a goner,” an undead matt and kim, soulja boy and andrew w.k. throw themselves a morgue party with a slew of fellow zombies and a whole lotta hospital equipment. watch the bloody madness at the link below.


matt & kim + soulja boy + andrew w.k. – i’m a goner

– sunbear

matt & kim + soulja boy + andrew w.k. – i’m a goner (2011)

converse always seems to come up with the kookiest music collaborations, which sure seem authentically random. under what other circumstances would you have matt & kim, soulja boy, and andrew w.k. on a single song?

matt & kim’s matt johnson produced the song, which is heavy on the duo (though johnson sounds more like “weird al” yancovik on this one), with supplementals by soulja boy, and the party animal, andrew w.k. a video is expected to premiere august 21.

check out “i’m a goner” at the link below.


matt & kim + soulja boy + andrew w.k. – i’m a goner

– sunbear

video: matt & kim – cameras (2011)

[vodpod id=Video.5394582&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

from streaking through times square to the unhinged fisticuffs in their new clip, matt & kim sure know how to make entertaining videos. for the video for “cameras,” from last year’s sidewalks the duo let their violent side take over and have at each other brandishing anything at arm’s reach in their rehearsal space. this a neat bit with a kick-drum pedal at 2:04.

this might be the best close-quarters fight since uma thurman and daryl hannah’s in kill bill 2.


matt & kim – cameras

– sunbear


matt and kim – cameras (2010)

head on over to matt and kim’s facebook page and for a mere “like” you can listen to their new single “cameras” from their forthcoming album sidewalks. it’s a pretty far cry from their hyperkinetic buzzy songs of past. it’s got synths, horns and all sorts of new business for matt and kim. they grow up so fast!

sidewalks is out november 2.


matt and kim – cameras

– sunbear

matt and kim – daylight (dj troublemaker remix ft. de la soul) (2009)

what have we here? i’ll let troublemaker tell you about the dopeness:

Words cannot describe the amount of happiness this song brings me.

I consider De La Soul to be the greatest group in the history of hip hop. And, growing up and getting into music production, never did I think I would have the opportunity to work with them. Well, all that changed with this here remix.

EA asked me to remix Matt and Kim’s “Daylight” for NBA Live 10, and have an emcee, or emcees, bless it. Through rapid global file sharing while on tour in Australia, and the blood, sweat and tears of our camps, we have this record to share with y’all.


dj troublemaker on myspace.
matt and kim on myspace.
de la soul on myspace.

download the original version of daylight.
download daylight (dj troublemaker remix ft. de la soul).

– panda