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mixtape: slum village – dirty slums (2012)

this is indeed a new mixtape from mick boogie and company. slum village is definitely the shell it once was (RIP to baatin and dilla, of course), but they’re back with a new tape to get you to pay attention again. t3, young rj and illa j are the new incarnation, so feel free to check out the new jams.


slum village x mick boogie – dirty slums [MIXTAPE]


mixtape: how to make it in america [season 2] (2011)

much like last year, djs broke mogul and mick boogie have put together a second installment of a mixtape for the HBO series. pretty good lineup on this one. catch it after the jump, download below.


how to make it in america [season 2 mixtape]

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mixtape: dj jazzy jeff and mick boogie – summertime 2 (2011)

while the first one was a huge success on my personal playlist, so i’m very happy to have a second installment. and judging off the tracklisting (below the jump), this one is trying to outdo the first.


dj jazzy jeff and mick boogie – summertime 2 [mixtape]

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mixtape: dj jazzy jeff + mick boogie – summertime (2010)

well this dropped this past weekend, and i was busy watching two frandz get married, so i definitely missed out on this gem. dj jazzy jeff and mick boogie have put together the end all/be all to summer mixtapes. this just makes me wanna throw a beer-be-que and throw this mix on for maximum ‘good times’ acheivement levels.

tracklist beneath the cut.


dj jazzy jeff + mick boogie – summertime [MIXTAPE]


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mixtape: big boi + rick ross – southernplayalisticmaybachmusic (2010)

definitely an interesting concept for a tape. i would’ve never imagined something like this ever coming to fruition, but we’ll see. based on the title alone, i’m on board. the tracklisting consists of both old and new ventures from one artist remixed and tacked on with a verse from the other. mixtape presented by mick boogie, tracklisting presented by the jump.


big boi + rick ross – southernplayalisticmaybachmusic [MIXTAPE]


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mixtape: chip tha ripper – the cleveland show (2009)

i’m gonna keep it 100. i’m probably not gonna listen to this mixtape (there’s just so much shit out there, ya’ll.) , but i know some folks who can dig this and get into it. cleveland native chip tha ripper is makin’ waves with folks nowadays and since he just came off of some much needed steam from his first single, here’s a mixtape to follow it up. one thing i can definitely get with is the artwork, though. obvious, but slick concept nonetheless.

mick boogie and terry urban are behind the release of this one, and that’s a well-oiled machine. tracklisting after the jump.


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idle warship – party robots + go brooklyn f. skyzoo (2009)

forgive me, but i might be more excited for idle warship than the reflection eternal. don’t judge me.

anyway, here are two new IW tracks off of their upcoming mick boogie production, party robots, which is due on monday. one features skyzoo, whose record [the salvation] i’ve been bumping frequently.


idle warship – party robots
idle warship – go brooklyn f. skyzoo

-grizzly warship

mixtape: mick boogie presents: peter bjorn and john – re-living thing (2009)

mick boogie and co have been putting this together for some time now, but it’s finally dropping today. boogie took it upon himself to re-visit one of this year’s more overlooked albums (hey, i’m guilty too.), pbj’s living thing and put his own twists to it.

can’t say enough about the all star lineup. i mean mickey factz, bun b, wale, big sean, gza and black milk just to name a few. get it while it’s up, because it’s a yousendit. if need be, i’ll re-up the shit when the YSI link goes dead.

tracklisting is after the jump.


edit: here’s a mirror link.

-mick grizzly
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mixtape: jabee – must be nice (2009)

spaced on posting this when it dropped a few weeks ago. jabee comes with the new via mick boogie. jabee welcomes a long list of guests for production and features, including production by 9th wonder, green lantern, and A LOT more.. and guest spots from blu (!!!!), el prez, XV, etc. this kid is fresh talent. learn.

jabee on myspace.

download must be nice:

mixtape: big sean – uknowbigsean (2009)


ladies and gentleman, bears and girls.. the moment we’ve all been waiting for. big sean, g.o.o.d. music, and mick boogie present uknowbigsean the mixtape. press play and get those speakers blasted. go on get’cha some.

big sean on myspace.

download uknowbigsean (direct link):

– big panda

mixtape: mick boogie and terry urban – we put the ‘a’ in austin (2009)

since ya boys at WWM will be heading down to austin this weekend for the sxsw festivities (with huge hopes of catching the kanye performance) i caught this mixtape floating around. sxsw-themed, mick boogie and terry urban put out a mixtape of rappers from the ATL who’ll be doin’ it big in austin.

should be a good one. MB/TU haven’t put out many poor mixtapes.

mick boogie on the web.
terry urban on the web.

see the tracklisting and download the tape after the jump.


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mixtape: mateo – underneath the sky: chapter 1 (2009)

mateo is a fresh face from LA that just dropped his first mixtape this past weekend. after giving him a proper listen, i could definitely see him catching on and doing some big things. with influences like india arie, coldplay, and keane, there’s definitely an organic quality to his sound. when i was listening to him for the first time, i was comparing him to the likes of ne-yo, john legend (in approach more than sound), and justin timberlake (his more soulful/mellow tracks). he has similar abilities as those three in that he can build really strong melodies that can drive a song without relying too heavily on the beat, and that are capable of reaching a mainstream audience.

definitely grab this one for that big date you’ve got coming up this weekend, or if you just need some smooth tracks to listen to while you’re driving around in the spring air.

underneath the sky mixtape video chapter 1:

mateo on myspace.

download the underneath the sky mixtape: chapter 1:

– panda