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news: bayside to release covers EP on oct. 23rd (2012)

bayside has enlisted shep goodman to produce an upcoming covers ep, simply titled covers – volume 1. the outing will be DIY, self-funded and released through gumshoe records, the same label who put out anthony’s solo EP not too long ago.

some of the artists being covered: elvis costello, billy joel and van morrison. get excite.


news: apple announces iphone 5 (2012)

hide your boners, tech geeks. the iphone 5 news conference/live feed is in progress as we speak.

i’ll update this post when the conference is done, but for now, check out the live blog or the live video feed.

a brief synopsis:

– it’s the thinnest it’s ever been. 7.6 mm thick. also weighs 20% less than the 4s.
– camera: has panorama mode. 40% faster on capture. more specs here.
– bigger screen. 4″ diagonally. better colors, pictures, everything. 5 home rows in icon.
– battery life is even better than the 4s.
– made entirely of glass and aluminum
– 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz on WiFi.
– LTE for all major US networks.
– 1080p HD camera. facetime will be in 720p.
– the dreaded new connector. but wait, there will be an adapter.
– iOS6 is out september 19th.
– new iTunes. looks gr8.
– new iPods. the nano looks pretty great.
– pricing is as follows: $199 for 16GB; $299 for 32GB; $399 for 64GB
– iPhone 4S 16GB will drop to $99
– iPhone 4 8GB will be free

preorders for the iPhone 5 will begin on september 14th, and the phones will ship out on the 21st. It also should be noted that the iOS6 will launch on september 19.


news: the weeknd to release mixtape trilogy, more (2012)

good news for you weeknd fans. looks like abel has signed a distribution/record deal with universal republic, and will be releasing the mixtape trilogy that flipped the blog world upside down this year.

on november 13th, look to buy house of balloons, thursday and echoes of silence, packaged together in all its mixed and mastered glory. there will be new material on there, which i’m assuming will replace his cover of “dirty diana,” maybe a few others.

trilogy is out november 13th.



news: frank ocean cancels festival appearances, coldplay tour (2012)

in a strange turn of events, frank ocean has officially cancelled a whole mess of upcoming tour dates. most of them are his direct support on the upcoming coldplay world tour – and the rest will be the european festivals on those off dates.

no official word on why, other than him calling himself an asshole.


news: brand new leaves label and management, goes DIY (2012)

while there’s hardly any news in the brand new camp on a regular basis, the band recently did a short interview with VUE weekly to give a little insight as to what they’re currently pursuing. a new release in 2013, sure, but they’ve also cut ties with their label and their management and will assume full control of everything they do, which includes finances, ya dig?

read more.

i just want something about 75% better than daisy.


news: the niceguys announce their release date for james kelley (2012)

there you have it, folks. the niceguys have officially announced that their proper follow-up to the show will be dropping in exactly 60 days from now. mark your calendars and get ready. i got the chance to hear a few of the songs, and 1. they’re nothing like ‘the show.’ 2. in a good way.


news: frank ocean announces new album, tour dates (2012)

with an obscure video clip on his vimeo page up with no explanation, def jam swoops in to say that it is indeed a promo for frank oceans pending debut LP: channel orange. and the even better news is that it’s coming sooner and not later, as it’s slated for a july 17th release date.

hit the jump for the tour dates he’s released as well.

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news: erykah badu is not too happy with wayne coyne (2012)

last week, when the flaming lips’ video for ‘the first time i saw your face’ or ‘western esotericism’ hit the web, it would turn out that erykah badu was fucking pissed that wayne and company let the rough edits hit the web. click the link below to read a very long rant from ms. badu herself.


erykah badu is not happy with wayne coyne


news: chris carabba confirms a new further seems forever album (2012)

emo kids, rejoice. while chris carabba was no jason gleason, and the moon is down was no how to start a fire, the dashboard confessional frontman announced that there will indeed be a brand spanking new further seems forever record before the end of 2012.



RIP: don cornelius (1936-2012)

by now most have heard, but deserving a post no less, don cornelius passed today. i can honestly say that my music taste wouldn’t be what it is today without his influence. soul train was a staple in my household and most of my favorite televised musical performances have been from that show. his influence on both black & pop cultures, along with music, is immeasurable.

“and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul.”

– panda c/o wwm