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listen: mac miller – melt (feat. schoolboy q; prod. by pete rock)

damnit, i never wanted to like mac miller songs. but his last album (watching movies…) is a year old and letting loose of his archives. listen to “melt,” with schoolboy quincy and a syrupy pete rock beat.



videos – nas, cee-lo & jcole – live from heineken inspire nyc show (2010)

saturday night was the heineken inspire encore secret show held at pier 36 just under the manhattan bridge in nyc. with a stacked bill featuring nas, cee-lo, j.cole, pete rock and diplo, there was hardly a complaint that the rumored kanye west wound up not performing (he was abu dhabi. do your homework people). everyone was treated to free heineken, jamaican beef patties, hot dogs and tacos all while watching the star studded lineup.

hit the jump to catch live videos of nas performing “ny state of mind,” and “if i ruled the world,” cee-lo getting vulgar with “fuck you,” and star-bourne j. cole doing “higher.”

– sunbear

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g.o.o.d. friday: kanye west – the joy [f. pete rock, jay-z, curtis mayfield, kid cudi and charlie wilson] (2010)

g.o.o.d. saturday. massive collaboration this go around, with legendary pete rock behind the boards for the joy, an aptly titled cut. ye just turned in his final, completed version of MBDTF and i’m sure, couldn’t be happier.


kanye west – the joy [f. pete rock, jay-z, curtis mayfield, kid cudi and charlie wilson]


nas – illmatic revisted by xxl magazine (2009)

here’s another gem i found today. xxl magazine revisted illmatic. it’s unbelievable that this album dropped nearly 15 years ago, and is arguably the best hip-hop album of all time to many. it’s definitely in my fav five (no t-mobile).

anyway, they rounded up the entire crew — nasty, preemo, pete rock, large professor, q-tip and some others. they break down the album track by track as the aforementioned names weigh in on different things. it is an incredible read, and you will undoubtedly start blasting the shit out of it the minute you finish.

edit: i just realized this articles only half of the entire thing, so get to a newsstand and read the rest of it. it’s totally worth it, if not just for what nas has to say about “it ain’t hard to tell.”

He did the whole first verse in one take, and I remember when he finished the first verse, he stopped and said, “Does that sound cool?” And we were all like, “Oh my God!” It was like, I don’t even care what else you write.

-dj premier on “n.y. state of mind”

read the article half of the article here.