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stream: slaughterhouse – throw that [f. eminem] (2012)

so welcome to: our house has an unlimited amount of potential, right? then why the fuck is one out of two eminem appearances just an all around abomination?

i don’t know, either. all i know is i don’t care to hear “i’ll throw this dick on you, girl” 50 times.



mixtape: slaughterhouse – on the house (2012)

the elusive shady records crew isn’t quite ready to drop welcome to: our house yet, but luckily, they’ve compiled all their off shoots and throwaways on this handy little mixtape to curb your appetite in the meanwhile. welcome to: our house drops august 28th.


slaughterhouse – on the house [mixtape]


slaughterhouse – welcome to: our house [artwork & tracklisting] (2012)

slaughterhouse is getting ready to release their debut LP on shady records at the ass-end of this month, and come august 28th, we’ll have another ‘crew’ album to compare other crew albums to. they’ve recently released the tracklisting:

1. The Slaughter (Intro)
2. Our House feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey
3. Coffin feat. Busta Rhymes
4. Throw That feat. Eminem
5. Hammer Dance
6. Get Up
7. My Life feat. Cee-Lo Green
8. We Did It (Skit)
9. Flip A Bird
10. Throw It Away feat. Swizz Beatz
11. Rescue Me feat. Skylar Grey
12. Frat House
13. Goodbye
14. Park It Sideways
15. Die
16. Our Way (Outro)

Deluxe Edition
17. Asylum feat. Eminem
18. Walk Of Shame
19. The Other Side
20. Place To Be feat. B.O.B.


slaughterhouse – my life [f. cee-lo green] (2012)

slaughterhouse is gearing up for the release of welcome to: our house on june 12th. in the meantime, why not rack up some plus points by enlisting cee-lo green for the hook of their lead off single?


slaughterhouse – my life [f. cee-lo green]


video: eminem, slaughterhouse and yelawolf – 2.0 boys [live footage] (2011)

[vodpod id=Video.15760259&w=425&h=350&fv=]

while this is being promoted as live, the video features the recording – which is a bit disappointing. footage this good should’ve definitely left the live audio on. not like this will be happening again anytime soon or anything.


eminem – 2.0 boys [f. slaughterhouse and yelawolf] (2011)

this collaboration finds the brand new and slightly improved shady records. while i’m not sold on yelawolf’s particular brand of delivery or his voice, there’s no denying his rap abilities. and slaughterhouse is slaughterhouse. this song’s pretty wild.


eminem – 2.0 boys [f. slaughterhouse and yelawolf]


eminem – itunes bonus tracks (2010)

since recovery hit retail today (a day early), we now have the bonus tracks to ride with. the posse cut “session one” with slaughterhouse is a must cop, produced by none other than justin blaze and feels like a giant cypher. royce and em on a track is always a good thing. “ridaz” is a cut produced by dre that should’ve taken the place of certain shitty songs on recovery like let’s say…”white trash party.”


eminem – session one f. slaughterhouse [prod. by just blaze]

eminem – ridaz [prod. by dr. dre]


mixtape: royce da 5’9” – bar exam 3 [no dj] (2010)

here we have the third installment of “the bar exam” from the meanest emcee in the slaughterhouse crew. tracklisting under the cut.

EDIT: brought this back because it now has no whoo kid screaming all over it. glorious.


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royce da 5’9” – dinner time f. busta rhymes (2009)

nickel nine drops another song due off of his anticipated street hop. busta hops on this one to provide us with some mealtime-centric adlibs and the like. street hop is shaping up to be a good one.


royce da 5’9” – dinner time f. busta rhymes

-grizzly da 5’8”