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video: steppin’ lasers tour [lupe fiasco + b.o.b.] (2010)

that’s right folks. i figured instead of taking a minute to write up the recap and post the videos, i’d go ahead and take care of business first. there’s a lot of decent footage, as i made attempts to get the best footage i could under the circumstances of 1000 people bouncing and nonchalant hand-wavin. up top is the product of westside lu’ bringing out bun b to give the hometown crowd a special surprise. ok, so having bun b come out during any houston hip-hop show isn’t so much a surprise, but it’s still fucking crazy.

more lupe videos under the cut, including “national anthem,” “i gotcha,” “state crime radio,” “everybody nose” and “fighters.”
all of the b.o.b. videos under the cut as well, including “haters,” “on top of the world,” “no man’s land” and “voltage.”


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video: lupe fiasco – scream [new song] (2010)

this is the best quality footage of this track there is, that i’ve seen thus far anyway. this song sounds dope as hell, which is much more than i can say for any new lu material i’ve heard off of lasers. as houston’s getting closer to their date of the steppin’ lasers tour, i’m getting way more excited.

and ignore the yelling bro in this video.