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watch: maroon 5 – sugar

discovered this song via the great american television series “the voice.” more importantly, the video’s pretty damn entertaining. these maroon 5 (ok, it’s just that handsome SOB adam levin and some other dudes in tuxes) guys crash a few LA weddings on a saturday in december, bringing a performance of “sugar” to each one.

it’s sweet, and kind of a ripoff of katy perry’s “birthday,” but it’s all gravy.


bob mould announces silver age + tour dates (20120

from touring the 10 year old copper blue to the announcement of a new solo album silver age, bob mould is a busy, busy guy. hit the jump to check out the tracklist for the september 4th-due lp as well as all of bob’s upcoming copper blue and dj set tour dates.

– sunbear
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video: the horrible crowes – teenage dream [katy perry cover] (2011)

brian fallon has a soft spot for pop i’m guessing. turns out, “teenage dream” is still a good song even if brian fallon’s raspy ass is singing. no embed, so watch it at the link below, as well as a video of them performing “sugar.”


the horrible crowes – teenage dream [katy perry cover] + sugar


video: the decemberists – if i can’t change your mind [sugar cover] (2011)

bob mould insisted his take on his old band, sugar’s “if i can’t change your mind” was a cover. heck, he even gave them and their singer their proper dues for being such a great band during their time. but not to let technicaities stand in their way of what constitutes a cover, five decemberists and their five acoustic guitars take on the sugar song, sweet harmonies and all.

watch the decemberists performance below and the bob mould “cover” here.


the decemberists – if i can’t change your mind [sugar cover]

– sunbear