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Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who still watches music videos. It seems like the art of the music video’s definitely been lost in translation over the years, what – with shorter attention spans, less time on the go, whatever it may be. But whatever – I enjoy the videos and I’ll continue to use this post to curate some of 2014’s best visuals.

Below the jump, you’ll find an alphabetical list of some of my favorite music videos of the past year.

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watch: night terrors of 1927 – when you were mine (feat. tegan and sara)

amidst all the chambray and high and tight haircuts is night terrors of 1927 – a new collaboration between jarrod gorbel (the honorary title) and blake sennett (rilo kiley, the elected). the duo have announced their debut LP, everything’s coming up roses, and it will drop on january 20th. the band also has a coinciding video release for their lead single, “when you were mine,” featuring the lovely gals of tegan and sara.


listen: tegan and sara – don’t find another love

tegan and sara channel their sunny 99.1 (sorry, this is a houston-only joke i guess) on their latest single, “don’t find another love.” not set to be released on any album as of now, but it is an all-new track meant for the remake of endless love, which will hit theaters on valentines day.


tegan and sara – don’t find another love


listen: tegan and sara – everything is awesome [feat. the lonely island]

interesting link up here, but it’s all in the name of the kids and the new lego movie, which will be out february 7, 2014. watch the trailer for that silly movie above.


tegan and sara – everything is awesome [feat. the lonely island]


listen: tegan and sara + matthew dear – pale shelter [tears for fears cover]

no word yet on why tegan and sara, with producer matthew dear in tow, decided to go with the caligraphic delphin I for the font to their cover of tears for fears’ “pale shelter.” looks kind of dorky. the song however, sounds top notch and fully retro. listen to it above and as an added bonus, check out tears for fears themselves, turning in a cover of animal collective’s immortal “my girls” here.

– sunbear

watch: tegan and sara – closer [live on the today show]

the lycra-wrapped new wave duo of tegan and sara, hot on the heels of a taylor swift viral performance, stopped by the today show, to explain their musical evolution, perform their hearthrob gem “closer” and stand next to willie geist and natalie morales-rhodes and look like toddlers. watch the video above.

– sunbear

watch: tegan and sara – i was a fool

tegan and sara take to much music (no thanks for the embed link, guise!) to premiere their new video for “i was a fool,” one of heartthrob‘s best. as a special treat, we’re all presented with a starring role from ms. mayonegg herself, mae whitman (with long dark hair, too!) watch at the link below.


tegan and sara – i was a fool [MUSIC VIDEO]


watch: tegan and sara – i was a fool [lyric video]


in a lyric video with an actual appearance from the band (!), tegan and sara drop a new clip for my favorite song on heartthrob, “i was a fool.” the band promises the official video to

be out in a few weeks and staring mae whitman (“her?”), but for my money, i’ll stick with the sulky brunette in this vid. watch it above.

– sunbear

watch: tegan and sara perform ‘closer,’ ‘back in your head’ on vh1

while “closer” is tegan and sara’s ultra-catchy single running their heartthrob campaign, the duo was on the morning buzz on vh1 and decided to unearth “back in your head” for a performance. now, i shall go listen to the con. watch “closer” below the jump.

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