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listen: will butler (arcade fire) – take my side

arcade fire’s run through a hell of a career thus far, especially considering the success since the suburbs. so no need to get complacent, right? win’s brother, will, who plays god damn everything for arcade fire, has announced his solo outing, policy.

the album won’t be out until march of 2015, but we’re getting a brand new song this early anyway.


video: the wedge presents arcade fire [interview] (2011)

not only is his band suddenly everywhere with the release of a new album, but as the host of “the wedge” on canada’s muchmusic channel, fucked up’s damian abraham gets to play field journalist to some great bands; this one being arcade fire.

the brothers butler touch base with their recent award successes, their humble quebec beginnings, and their overall career which has quite skyrocketed in the past year. the best part? with a interviewer like abraham, it’s more like a bro-out session than a q&a. check out the 3-part interview at the link below.


the wedge presents arcade fire

– sunbear