hey, it’s 2012. welcome to weworemasks. we’ve been doing this since 2007. jerome (panda) and roshan (grizzly) started this blog during a drunk AIM conversation, eventually would hire aj (sunbear) to cover the music we wouldn’t, and have been truckin’ ever since.

we moved from google to wordpress in 2009, and eventually to wordpress.org, which is the incarnation of weworemasks you’re seeing now. currently, the site is under construction, as we’re doing a rehaul of the entire organizational hierarchy, so if you see something out of order, feel free to contact us and let us know. we want to make weworemasks v. 2.0 as awesome and effortless on your part as possible.

we’re all here to bring something new to your musical reportoire, and while we’re at it – we’ll post relevant news articles about film, television, sports & whatever else we see “blog-worthy.” if you found us on google, we’re glad you’re here and invite you to stick around while we keep this thing moving.

thanks for reading.

peace, love and sideboob,