We started this blog in 2007, illegally, posting full leaks of albums and mixtapes, curating what we loved most to a crowd we didn’t know was there. We used aliases because of the aforementioned legal ramifications, eventually turning into a legitimate blog with well-thought out write-ups and a promotion of the widest variety of music seen on the web. And you know what? The diversity of weworemasks was always something that stood out, not to mention existed long before these big name sites finally came around to spreading love to all genres of music and culture.

But yeah, we haven’t been busy with this site in over a year. To be frank, we only kept it this past year so we can get our press access to the festivals for one more year (Shouts out to Free Press, ACL, Fun Fun Fun Fest, . We’ve long since checked out – we haven’t even done a show review since this time last year.

But we all loved our time with this site. All of the shows, the mixtapes, the events, the invites and free shit. But it’s time to dissolve this blog into a web memory.

I got a list of thank yous (below the jump), because we made a ton of friends, collaborated with a ton of incredible artists and had a ton of fun.

See ya around.

-Roshan (grizzly) c/o weworemasks
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Look! A rare Panda sighting! Quick, get him to do a short end of year post before he escapes back into an endless abyss of cocktails and toddler cries!

Jump for some of my favorite things.

– Panda
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Here we go, folks. My last year end list on the internet. I’m happy to have been a part (the main one) of something so entertaining for a lot of you over the past few years. Thanks to anyone who has ever read one of our year-end lists or listened to any of our playlists that came with it.

Anyway, hit the jump for my year’s best folks!

Peace and love,

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listen: kid cudi – speedin bullet 2 heaven

kid cudi canceled his tour, but dropped off the title track on his new LP first to soften the blow. he also left a note on his twitter account as to why the tour was canceled.

and um…i kinda like this song? or maybe i don’t. he’s got a good voice, what can i say.