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We may not have covered as many shows for weworemasks, but I’m positive that I attended more shows in 2014 than any year since I graduated college. And that’s a-ok with me. So below the jump, you’ll find my first year-end list of 2014 – with only a few more to come.

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news: incubus announce two EPs for 2015, debut new song

at KROQ’s almost acoustic christmas, incubus debuted a new song, “trust fall.” not only that, but the band is planning two EPs for 2015, that will basically serve as one album and the official follow up to 2011’s “if not now, when?”

read the interview with billboard, where they talk about plenty, including what to expect with these new releases, which will be released through island records.


watch: the rap monument (by noisey)

what’s the rap monument, exactly? well, noisey has gotten together to drop a behemoth of a track. and that’s an understatement, for the record. “the rap monument” features plenty of production, plenty of rappers and a run time of 42 minutes.

hit the jump for the full list of rappers performing.

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listen: t-pain – let me thru (feat. lil wayne)

while lil wayne’s album is stuck in limbo, the songs keep dropping. t-pain is making a comeback, and has made a hell of a case (especially with “stoicville”) so far, so why not drop one that features tunechi and reunites t-wayne.


t-pain – let me thru (feat. lil wayne)


news: mark ronson – uptown special (artwork + tracklisting)

after two superb singles from ronson, he swings through with the official artwork and tracklisting for his upcoming LP, uptown special, which is dropping at the top of 2015 on january 13th.


1. Uptown’s First Finale (featuring Stevie Wonder & Andrew Wyatt)
2. Summer Breaking (featuring Kevin Parker)
3. Feel Right (featuring Mystikal)
4. Uptown Funk (featuring Bruno Mars)
5. I Can’t Lose (featuring Keyone Starr)
6. Daffodils (featuring Kevin Parker)
7. Crack in the Pearl (featuring Andrew Wyatt)
8. In The Case of Fire (featuring Jeff Bhasker)
9. Leaving Los Feliz (featuring Kevin Parker)
10. Heavy and Rolling (featuring Andrew Wyatt)
11. Crack in the Pearl Pt. II (featuring Stevie Wonder & Jeff Bhasker)


listen: parquet courts – live on npr world cafe

parquet courts had a busy year. two solid albums (sunbathing animal, and content nausea as parkay quarts) and a whole bunch of touring. the band stopped by NPR’s offices to perform off the former, and hit a bit of an interview as well.


parquet courts – live on npr world cafe


listen: broken social scene – golden facelift + fucked up – voce rubata

in the most canadian thing to happen today, the globe and mail newspaper, the canadian opera company, and arts indie label arts and crafts teamed together to bring forward a six-song compilation called broadsheet music: a year in review. of it, there’s a previously unreleased broken social scene song from the forgiveness rock record album and an orchestral and operatic tune written by fucked up called “voce rubata.” yes. orchestra and opera by fucked up. it’s not what you’re expecting. actually, it sounds like sufjan. check it out here.

– sunbear

watch: jenny lewis – she’s not me ft ryan adams [live on kimmel]

ryan adams, not only having had released his own self-titled album this year, produced jenny lewis’ sterling the voyager to rave reviews. so it was awful nice of him to strap on a rainbow and join his tourmate on stage as she perfomed “she’s not me” on kimmel’ christmasy outdoor stage. and hey, here’s a bonus video of a performance of “one of the guys.”

– sunbear

watch: kendrick lamar – untitled (live on the colbert report)

yesterday, the colbert report wrapped up, using kdot as the final musical guest. and uh, he brought along anna wise, bilal, terrance martin and thundercat. it’s hard to explain what you see when you watch kendrick perform this with the utmost intensity. but that sip from the flask before the bridge pretty much sums up my thoughts on this.

kendrick, please drop the album in the next 6 months. we need it.


the week in sports: 12/9 – 12/15 (2014)

If you’re in the fantasy championship, we have our last (sad face) fantasy section of the year. If not, we have the rest of the sports world’s biggest news.

Hit the jump.

-grizzly and thevhb
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watch: lupe fiasco – deliver (feat. ty dolla sign)

lu’s “deliver” reminds me of “gotta eat.” while the video and song itself take on the lyrics’ literal meanings, it’s definitely about something much bigger than that – bringing light to the perils of the rougher parts of the chi.

tetsuo & youth is out jan. 20.


news: the movielife have reunited

in a strange turn of events, the movielife have reunited. a band that disbanded after a few albums in the early 2000s, (their last being 2003’s 40 hour train…) and a band that didn’t seem like they would reunite anytime soon (we got nightmare of you and i am the avalanche, however) are now back together.

the folks at noisey had an exclusive interview with vinnie caruana and brandon reilly about it all. read it at the link below.

And I think me and Brandon have reached this point in our lives where we can be at peace and be happy with playing Movielife shows and we feel right about it at the same time for the first time in a very long time. So we just poked around with the other guys to see if they felt the same way and it seems as though everybody is feeling really positive and confident and happy about us being together and playing some shows.

-vinnie caruana

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