watch: grimes – go (feat. blood diamonds)

i’ve never liked a grimes song until i heard the surprisingly excellent “go.” i’m sure blood diamonds had plenty to do with it, but one can only hope her incoming album sounds more like this. her new video was directed by her and her brother, under the moniker “roco-prime” — she says it’s her take on dante’s inferno, but all i can think of is burning man.


watch: the felix culpa – audiotree sessions

the newly resurrected felix culpa were the latest subjects of the lovely audiotree series. the band stopped in to perform a slew of tracks and let us know they’re back, better than ever.

you can download/purchase the entire sessions here, or watch the video above.


news: t.i. announces release date, artwork for ‘paperwork’

t.i.’s new outing, paperwork: the motion picture, will drop october 21st. the album’s executive produced by pharrell, and will feature rick ross, the-dream, iggy, pharrell, chris brown and more. production credits from toomp, mustard, bobby ray, etc.

tracklist coming soon.


watch: usher – she came to give it to you (feat. nicki minaj)

usher finds himself in a club for the evening, packed with plenty of dancing, a live band, a straight to the point nicki minaj appearance and guest verse — and pharrell lurking in the shadows. sounds like a fun party.

usher’s new LP, everything you can imagine, is out later this year.


listen: a kiss goodbye – emile haynie [ft. charlotte gainsbourg, dev hynes, + sampha]

“runaway” and “locked out of heaven” producer extraordinaire emile haynie must have one hell of a personal contacts list because his recruitment of charlotte gainsbourg, dev hynes, and sampha on the exceptionally moving and spacious track “a kiss goodbye” is nothing short of astounding. no word yet on where this illuminating track may wind up but here’s to wishing a full album into existence. hear the track here.

- sunbear

the week in sports: 8/19 – 8/25 (2014)

The MLB playoffs inch nearer as the NFL preseason starts to wind down and head into Week 1 festivities. College Football kicks off this week to hold us over until then. Oh and Lebron now has a new big three. That and more below the jump.

-grizzly and thevhb

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listen: code orange (kids) – I AM KING (full album stream)

we’ve been positive for weeks that code orange’s (now sans-kids) sophomore outing was going to be a free fall affair into some heavy stuff – and the singles released thus far have only supported that. now deathwish’s rookies have graduated into elder statesmen and are here to shit on your brains with I AM KING. listen above, before the album drops september 2nd.


watch: jj – inner light

INNER LIGHT from Ty Olson on Vimeo.

to celebrate the release of their newest album, V, last week, jj’s giving us a visual for “inner light.” in the video, this kid finds his in an extremely well-shot video of him in native-american garb in the forest. i’m guessing the swedes haven’t been hearing about all this “redskins” controversy, huh?


listen: grouplove – back in the 90s (bojack horseman theme song)

so i started watching a new series on netflix the other day. bojack horseman – an adult-themed animated series starring will arnett, alison brie, amy sedaris, aaron paul (seriously, what a great cast) and more is up for your streaming pleasure on netflix as we speak. but that’s not it – the fine folks of grouplove are the creator’s of the show’s end credit song!

looking forward to seeing the folks in dallas this coming saturday with portugal. the man.


grouplove – back in the 90s (bojack horseman theme song)


listen: coheed and cambria – atlas (demo)

in anticipation of the birth of his newborn son, claudio sanchez wrote him a song, “atlas,” which is currently in its demo phases. but this performance/acoustic premiere of it is really excellent and needed to be shared as is.

congrats to claudio and see you MFers september 17th in houston for the IKSOSE:3 tour.